Monthly Box: Eat Artisan Cheese

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This box is a story.

Of cheese and people, of passion and hard work, of everything we love about the craft.

Each month, we highlight a single artisan cheesemaker who we admire, and send you a selection of our favorite cheeses from them, along with some delicious, unique accompaniments. In that month’s corresponding blog post, we’ll take you on an educational journey; bringing you personal stories, details of cheesemaking processes both modern and ancient, tidbits of cheese history, and more!

This box is for sharing. For us to share these stories, to share the knowledge and passion we have for artisan cheese making. We hope to paint a picture of why artisan cheese means something; for the environment, for the animals, for the cheese eater. We hope to show why we believe everyone should Eat Artisan Cheese. And then we hope you’ll share these stories (and cheese!) with the people in your lives.


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