Tyler Gallagher


I grew up in various towns in Delaware County (colloquially known as Delco), PA before moving to Pittsburgh in 2012 for college. I’m not really sure when my passion for artisan cheeses started, but I know I was desperate to be in the specialty department when I was hired at [redacted grocery chain] in 2016. What I love about cheese is how much complexity comes from so few ingredients, how every wheel of cheese is different (even when it’s the same cheese), how radically different cheeses can be made with the same milk. There is so much to learn and so much great cheese to eat!

Fun fact: Andy and I started working at said grocery store on the same day! He was in specialty and I was a cashier. Eventually I worked my way over to his department, starting my journey as a cheesemonger.

When I’m not working, I enjoy playing music in my bands the Zells and Common Loon, recording a podcast with my friends Roman and Chelsea called the No Judgment Zone, and dedicating too much of my free time to Philadelphia sports teams. Go Birds.

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