Andy Fusia

Cheesemonger and Buyer, ACS Certified Cheese Professional

I was born in Pittsburgh and have lived here all my life. True fact: I hated cheese growing up. Of course, that was wrong, but my older brother would eat awful processed “cheese” by the block and the smell haunts me to this day. I blame him for turning me off to cheese, but he also got me my first job in cheese. So I suppose this is a story of my brother’s redemption, which is not where I intended for this to go.

My first job in cheese was at a grocery store now owned by the largest company in the world (I think we all know what I’m talking about.) There, I first ate Basque sheep’s milk cheese, and fell in love with cheese. I haven’t looked back.

I was lucky enough to get hired at Chantal’s in early 2019. It is definitely a privilege to be a part of bringing great cheese to Pittsburgh.

I am also in the band Cruel Intentions. I play the bass. I used to slap the bass, but Paul Rudd ruined that.

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