Warm, gooey, delicious, melted Raclette…Oh, how you’ve stolen our hearts and stomachs!

Share it with friends. Enjoy it with family. Keep it all for yourself.

$35 Rental Fee

$50 Deposit

$15.00/person Cheese & Charcuterie


Each Rental includes the Raclette Grill for serving up to eight (8) people and instructions for use (please read them!) Also included, one jar of cornichons.

Each Cheese & Charcuterie order includes a half pound of delicious Raclette cheese and four kinds of charcuterie totaling a quarter pound of meat.

We recommend serving with potatoes as is Swiss tradition, but we also love roasted vegetables and experimenting with new ideas. Basically, it’s your Raclette night, your rules.

Call, email, or stop in the shop to inquire about availability and to reserve your rental!

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