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To cheese or not to cheese? It wasn’t much a question. It wasn’t even much of a pun. The truth is we had to cheese. We were always going to cheese. Right here in Pittsburgh, city of bridges. Because what is cheese, really, if not a bridge? Think on that for a moment.

Chantal’s Cheese Shop is the passion of Anaïs Saint-André Loughran and Chris Loughran, a married couple who shared the hope of bringing a cheese experience like no other to Pittsburgh; fresh cut, delicious, happy.

We’ve named the shop Chantal’s as a tribute to Anaïs’ mom, who passed away a few years ago. Anaïs was with her mom when the inspiration to work in cheese first struck her. And it was after her mom’s passing, that Anaïs and Chris left the hustle and bustle of New York City for a place that felt more like home, a place called Pittsburgh. The dream of owning our own place started becoming reality. Life, right? But that’s how we came to open Chantal’s Cheese Shop. We hope to live up to the name, warm and kind. Home.

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